Welcome to gomsme.in – Please follow the process to activate your MSME PRIME DIGITAL SOFTWARE.

            Follow the register menu where you find register yourself option.


Step 1.    Do register yourself (this step is necessary to use gomsme.in for security reason).

After registering you will get an email id with user name and password details.

After completing step 1, you will be able to login the demo software. This demo software is full prime software, pro version.



Step 2. Now you will be allowed to register your company’s initial details for the creation of software.

Go to register menu and select register company option, fill your desired web link for your company and software. Enter your company’s legal name and your brand slogan or title and generate MSME Prime Digital Software. Now your free 15 days trail starts. You are now free to access your software with your login id and password. You can access any package (paid) at any time.

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